Dr. Garcia thanking first responders.

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Putting People First: Health, Leadership, Unity

Addressing the Fentanyl Crisis

Over a million deaths have been attributed to drug overdose in the United States. Statistics show that a current Fentanyl user will die within two years.

By sending Dr. Garcia to the U.S. Senate, we can ensure we take meaningful action against the Fentanyl crisis by passing the Americans Against Fentanyl Act, which would require that dealers be charged with manslaughter and addicts receive mandatory rehabilitation


Inflation is hitting the people of Washington hard. We are the fourth most expensive state in the nation for groceries, and the eighth most expensive to live in overall. Rampant spending by the federal government has sent national debt to dangerous levels, and that is one of the major causes of inflation. Dr Garcia will take a stand against the reckless federal overspending that threatens Washingtonians and all Americans.

Women’s Health

We must reprioritize and fund critically needed women’s healthcare in rural hospitals and small communities.

As a physician, Dr. Garcia has worked diligently to bring healthcare access to women.

As a United States Senator, Raul will focus on this issue so our women remain empowered!

Unity in the face of partisanship

Dr. Garcia sees past party politics and treats everyone with the same respect and appreciation. He believes in talking to and learning from all constituents, not just the ones who initially agree with him.

As an ER physician, he takes a common-sense approach to policy issues that are often seen as political litmus tests.

Messages that win

For Washington State’s future

I am by trade and training not a politician. I am a doctor, an Emergency Medicine physician that has been in the front lines for the last 25 years helping people in their most vulnerable moments; often moments of fear, moments of uncertainty.

Through a career in medicine, I am here to bring Health to our State, to bring present, effective, and efficient leadership, and to create a government by the people of different walks of life and united by one common goal, to restore the safe and prosperous lives of our WA families.

-Dr. Raul Garcia


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Endorse Raul Garcia for Washington State Senate and share your support.