Great News! I’m running for US Senate!

Greetings from Jessica and I as we embark on a challenging but exciting journey. Hope this letter finds you  and your family well. 

As you might have heard in the news, I have now suspended my campaign for Governor and pivoted to  endorse Dave Reichert for Governor as he has endorsed me to run to be Washington’s next US Senator and  bring a one-two punch to resolve the issues of our state.

We will end the one-party rule and old line thinking  with no checks and balances that has put the best qualities of our state in jeopardy. There is a similar risk that  the same thing could happen to our country. 

The decision was not easy.

As you know we have been listening and learning for the last 3 1/2 years about the  problems that keep our families up at night. I am here with a true desire to bring the leadership necessary to  carry out the solutions to those problems. I trust that the example of leadership and action leads to a more  successful team approach to win elections. 

I have a burning passion to bring about change in Washington and our country. I also have a passion to bring  about unity when we have been divided for so long. I am excited to pivot to the US Senate race and be able to  bring health to our state and our country. My first desire to be in public service came from working with Senator  Bob Dole. Being mentored by another American icon, Senator Slade Gorton, made that desire even stronger. 

Now more than ever, I ask you to stand with Jessica and me as we work hard to follow in the footsteps of those  two great leaders and become Washington’s next US Senator. 

In conversation with Senator Daines, who chairs the US Senate Republican Campaign committee, he has  communicated his excitement and support. He also has stressed the importance of our campaign getting off to  a strong early start. We urge you to contribute whatever you can at this time. The maximum you can  contribute is $6,600 per person but any amount helps. Having a large number of contributors is as important  as the total of funds raised. 

Your immediate and early support of our 2024 campaign is paramount. We will work diligently to bring our  message of change and health to every corner of our great state. 

You can help most by: 

  1. Telling your friends! Word of mouth really matters. 
  2. Contributing financially to the campaign at Invest in our future.
  3. Follow our social media channels! Like, share and tag @GarciaforWA #unity 

I hope to see you in your community soon and if you would like to host an event, please email me at Let’s bring safety and prosperity to our families.